Once again, I had the great privilege of exhibiting my work as a part of the Third Thursday Art Walk, sponsored by Art in the Public Eye. This time, my work was shown at Samantha’s Cafe located in downtown Glens Falls. The retro, industrial space was a perfect match for some of my newest work, a ceiling installation using sewn squares of grocery bags, and a hanging, stand-alone sculpture consisting of a chicken-wire substructure and shaved wax exterior. I also exhibited some painted works hailing back to my college days, as well as a few mixed media drawings from 2012.

The folks at Samantha’s, Jennifer Kraft and Liz Wilcox were incredibly helpful and supportive during my installation. They made the whole process from beginning to end a great experience. I cannot emphasize enough, just how much those who support the arts through exhibition matter to the entire artistic process. Without great people like Liz, Jen, and Kathy, we artists wouldn’t have nearly the exposure or opportunity to show our work.

Thanks again to all those that made it out to the show, and to those that supported me through the making of these works. Your encouragement and presence make it all worthwhile!