Create Something

Every lesson in my classroom starts with creativity, from planting the seed in early learners to inspiring self-starting activities that increase artistic autonomy and independence in older students. When you make something completely your own, you begin to see all that you can do in the world!

Be Curious

No education is complete without curiosity; it is what will drive our students to be life-long learners, ever seeking to know and understand more. Each of my lessons focuses on this critical attribute of artistic discovery.

Show Your Stuff

Clear standards and assessments allow us to know what our students understand and where there is room to grow. In the context of an art classroom, standards encourage students to grow in their art making skills and make cross-disciplinary connections while ensuring students have the room to discover, create, and build their critical thinking skills.




Student Mastery

Years of Experience

Lesson Porfolio

Every lesson I create is designed to reach students at all ability levels and from all backgrounds. With age-specific components targeted to reach students at elementary, middle, and high school levels, each of these lessons has been carefully crafted to inspire and evoke the very best of each artist I instruct.